A Lie Named Human Rights and the Geneva Convention for Atheists

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A Lie Named Human Rights and the Geneva Convention for Atheists

Human right is among the terms that are always greatly discussed and debated. In fact, they use human dignity to achieve their wicked and inhuman purposes.

They state that dignity is only for their own, and everybody else is out of the realm of humanity, and the deal made with them is one deal that even the wildest and most predatory animals do not have together.

With a quick glance and hesitation, it can be understood that the human rights discussed today are not even carried out as much as the rights of animals, the endless affliction of atheists in the world, and in the European Union.

The International Union of Humanitarianism and Ethics has members in more than 50 countries worldwide and has defenders and adherents in the countries that are not allowed to attend. This Union declares that atheists are subjected to serious or systematic discrimination in 27 EU countries. This discrimination is dramatically serious in Austria, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Malta, and Poland. Regarding the laws of these countries, blasphemy can be punishable by up to three years in prison.

While Germany has always introduced itself as a human rights claimant in the world and frequently criticizes some countries in interventionist measures, it does not have a clear history of human rights and the observance of the rights of immigrants and minorities.

As reported by an information base established in the defense organization of victims of violence in the international human rights organizations, such as amnesty international, human rights watch, and the UN human rights council in Geneva criticized the human rights statuses in this huge European country in several reports.

Checking the Germany human rights record at the UN human rights council of the representative of more than 100 countries of this international organization condemned the German government widespread violation of human rights in this country, especially in terms of treating with foreign nationals, calling for presenting convincing explanations.

Criticism of the international community and human rights organizations is subject to the numerous violations of human rights and discriminating and injustice still being observed in Germany, in addition to hostility of behavior towards immigrants by the government and anti-foreigners and the other factors such as police attacks on citizens, breach of women’ rights in social and working life, the deplorable situation of child poverty and also discrimination and injustice against the disabled.

In spite of all existing criticisms, the conditions of foreigners in Germany and the repeated threats against this group as well as the conditions of the asylum seeker, who constitutes a huge number in the country, continues to be one of the black spots in the human right record in German government as one of the human rights claimant in the world.

Refugee camps in Germany are still in the deplorable situation and asylum seekers, especially atheists and sexual groups (LGBT), occasionally have to go on a hunger strike or sew their lips up to enjoy the minimum facilities and social rights, or they demand the infringement of their rights by holding a street protest in front of municipalities. The disquieting and critical situation of atheists and other LGBT asylum seekers in German refugee camps for saving their lives is known as the other matters that make the German government human rights record more heavily. Non-observance of the principle of equality of all minorities, including atheists, is considered as one of the criticisms of the government of this country. Meanwhile, concerning human rights and the Geneva Conventions, every human is authorized to have or choose any or no religion or belief.

I have been struggling with administering my justice, but I have never attained it in Germany.

There have always been racist discriminations and abatements against Persian and Arabic-speaking in this country. Germany always seeks political aspirations under the name and title of human rights, but the reality is something else.

Painfully I am in a human right defender country, but it does not pay smallest attention to the rights of atheists like me.

Unfortunately, there are so-called human rights, atheists, democracy, and freedom of thought, such as the iBKA defender’s organizations in this country, but they overlook this discrimination. As a human rights and atheist activist, I have repeatedly requested assistance from human rights organizations such as the iBKA in Germany. Still, they have disregarded this discrimination and support as before and have ignored the demands of people like me.

There are active organizations in Germany and Europe, dealing with freedom of thought, equality, and equal rights protection for atheists. Since they have forgotten to state Article 18 of the Geneva Convention, I will mention this article again:

Article 18

Everyone shall have the right to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion: This right shall include freedom to have or to adopt a religion or belief of his choice, and freedom, either individually or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in worship, observance, practice, and teaching.

Unfortunately, all of these organizations know that capital punishment exists for atheists in 13 Muslim countries around the world. Still, they prefer to be silent and defend atheists by no means and ignore the asylum demand in a country like Germany.

As a political and atheist activist, I have frequently sought assistance from these organizations. Still, unfortunately, all of these organizations are less involved in their goal and take political measures and do not defend me at all.

I am someone who spent my whole life struggling with atheist rights against other religious people, and they insolently rejected me in supporting. Now, I am wondering how they will treat with atheists who are not politically active and do not have access to the media. Regrettably, political and economic games have given rise to so-called human and atheist rights organizations that are far from reality. They only create organizations for people like us but never defend us. All of these are political and economic games or showing off themselves in the media and the world to display themselves as human rights defenders.

They are not the representatives and defenders of people like us. As a blogger and human rights activist, I do my best to fight these human rights claimant organizations and governments. I am the voice of a thousand Persian and Arabic-speaking atheists in the minority and always under discrimination. We are expelled whether in our own country and in countries that advocate human rights and human rights organizations.

Constant exclusion and agony have a long history in the life of the human system. This inhuman phenomenon has always existed, and we have been struggling with it for decades.

The policy of discrimination and oppression of atheists goes far beyond the social system and embraces all aspects of social life.

As an atheist, I once was an asylum seeker for Germany. In the asylum office, I did not have the right to introduce myself as an atheist since this word was not recorded in the German asylum system. I shall place myself as religious or irreligious because there was no definition for an atheist. A country that insists on being secular did not officially consider my fellow believers and me because there was no certain word in their administrative system to define us. Now, what is the difference between countries like Germany or the Middle East?

Inhuman restrictions of the German government are the other unfair measures. As an atheist, I appealed to the German government to defend my life, but they did not regard the other persons like me and me and put us in place with many extremist and bloodthirsty Muslims. The German government is informed of this situation, but it still would rather remain silent and stay along with human rights organizations that exist in Germany and Europe!

The main international convention in the contexts of human rights calls human rights the freedom to express and state that living in the natural rights of every human being. This means that the inhabitants of a country with any religion, cultural identity, or social status must enjoy the right to live freely without any discrimination.

But European governments have ignored this right and tell us: “Hush, be quiet, you have no right to freedom. The other people, such as Muslims, will become upset.”

This is why organizations like Ibka remain silent and not observe their convention in following human and atheist rights. I am writing this paper and an open letter to these organizations to cease these political and economic games and take action for human right. The human is not tools to be played. Humans are not chess pieces for parties to attract the attention of the public opinions for parliamentary seats. We are human beings, like other people. All human beings have the right to live, even if they are atheists.

The Geneva Conventions authorize any person to follow any religion or none, but 13 Muslim countries execute apostate people. People like me, who were not lucky enough and born in these countries, must be protected. I hope that this paper and the open letter will interest the western countries and so-called human and atheists’ rights organizations in observing their human convention and rights.

Very sincerely

Article from the group of www.wisehuman.info



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